Mobile sauna for rent

Sauna mobilna-Międzyzdroje

NEW LOCATION! Beach-Lake Dabie in Szczecin

We invite you to join us every day:

  • Monday-Friday hrs. 2 – 8 pm (advance reservations required tel. 885-252-999),
  • Saturday-Sunday hrs. 10-20.

Possibility of one-time entry or exclusive rental:

  • Price per person 30zl/hour,
  • Price for exclusive sauna rental, max. 8 people 250 zl/hour.

Reservations and more information tel. 885-252-999

Mobile sauna for rent? YES! At any time of the year, we will deliver it to a selected location in the Goleniowski and Kamieński powiats (districts).

Check the available offer klik and the occasions in which it will be a great attraction. Our solution is dedicated to sauna lovers who want to take advantage of all its benefits.

Meeting with friends
A joint relaxing atmosphere does not have to be associated with renting a huge space. A mobile sauna will allow you to create a relaxing cycle: sauna, cooling down, rest. Our clients suggest ending the meeting with a formal dinner that will complete the unique harmony. The undeniable benefits of the sauna include among others: increase of the energy level, cleansing the body of toxins, stimulating blood circulation and oxygenation. We can deliver the sauna to your house, garden, plot or our apartment in Międzyzdroje.

Sauna for winter/ice swimmers, sportsmen
The perfect solution for active people who include a sauna as part of their training. Exercises, cooling down in water, heating in the sauna and finally a barbecue. Do you feel this vibe? Certainly, ice swimming with an additional element in the form of a sauna increases the attractiveness of joint meetings. Moreover, even bad weather is not an obstacle as endorphins and dopamine levels rise. This perfect duo has a fantastic effect on improving the mood, especially during the autumn and winter period. Our places are the lake in Przybiernów and the descent to the beach at the Camper Camping in Międzyzdroje.

Sauna for a bachelorette, bachelor party, events
Are you organizing an event, a formal meeting, celebrating a special anniversary, and you want to surprise and look for additional attractions? A sauna for rent is an extraordinary idea for integration and a fantastic way to spend time. Set in a seaside climate, it will provide unforgettable views and bring many health benefits.

Sauna for rent – what are the benefits?

Sessions in the sauna are a great opportunity to calm your mind and relax your body, especially after a stressful day. Cleansing the body of toxins, accelerating metabolism, improving the condition of the skin are not the only advantages of using the sauna. Visiting it regularly increases the body’s immunity, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and regenerates, consequently even improving the quality of sleep.

A mobile sauna will perfectly fill up a weekend rest or a longer vacation, it will also be a surprising attraction during a party in the garden or winter swimming by the sea or a lake.

When going to the sauna, you should remember about the rules of proper use of it. After the session is over, it is necessary to refill the fluids. If you have any doubts about your health condition, be sure to consult a doctor before using the sauna.

The offer includes:

  • firing up the sauna on the spot, conducting instructions on how to use it properly,
  • supply of fuel necessary for its use for the indicated amount of h of rent,
  • a surprise that will make the time of using the sauna more pleasant.

Renting a mobile sauna

The price for 1h is 250,00 PLN net* in the area of Przybiernów and Międzyzdroje Municipality (+ possible access 2zł/km outside the zone).

Call and you will learn all the details +48 885 252 999.

*It is possible to issue a VAT invoice.

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